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I have a question about this lab. I passed al tests boxes(cells) in the lab while every time that I submit it, they are giving me 0 out pf 100 despite of my work is correct and is same as expected value.
Does anyone know what the problem is.

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@haidarhasn Did you try saving the notebook before submitting?

It should be saves automatically

It does/should, but I myself had one instance where I tried submitting and was given a score of zero but passed all the intermediary tests, and the solution was to manually save yet.

If this still does not work you must have some error in your code.

Several points to make here:

  • Autosave works, but it is very slow. It’s a good idea to use “Save and Checkpoint” before you submit your work for grading.

  • Passing the tests in the notebook is not sufficient to prove your code is perfect. The notebook tests only cover a few points, and and the grader uses totally different tests with a different data set.

  • Before you submit for grading, always do a clean run of your code: Use “Kernel->Restart & Clear Output”, then use “Cell->Run All” and verify all the built-in tests pass and give the expected results.

  • Please post a screen capture image that shows the detailed feedback from the grader.

I did that and it is give me same result zero out of 100 despite of my work is correct

Repeating my previous message:

See my previous reply regarding the grader using different tests, and that passing the tests in the notebook does not prove your code is perfect.