Human well being should be AI creators' goal - a conversation with Ge Wang, associate director of HAI, Stanford

Just like to share this article of an **interview with Ge Wang**, the new associate director of HAI at Stanford, in which he talked about his vision of a new direction in AI development where human well being should be the goal of AI developers, not just about optimization, efficiency, etc.

I remember not so long ago, questions were being asked about the impact of AI in our society. In particular, jobs lost to AI. The common answers given were that there will be better jobs to replace the old ones. Just as the industrial revolution started in the early 18 century, and the computer/digital disruption began in the 1960. There was also the dream of the AI future where human will not need to work. The increases in the GDP per capita would be able to support everyone.

We are here as a community of aspiring AI developers learning the craft, which direction you would like to drive the AI world?

Certainly with every new disruptive technology there are doubts and fears associated. Speculations flow in all directions but as developers we all shall focus upon ethical implementation of the technology. Though I don’t think there ever will be a utopia where no body has to work , even if AI takes over everything thing there will be something new to work on . There are chances that everyone’s basic necessities like food and shelter are met by the government of the world which means nobody has to work for that but to keep the money moving in the economy everyone will need to work, else terms are GDP and per capita income might will be rendered meaningless.