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I’m thrilled to join this vibrant community! My name is Noelle Russell, and I’m deeply passionate about the intersection of AI, ethics, and leadership. With a background in AI executive roles at Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Accenture, AWS, Amazon Alexa, and National Public Radio, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of AI across various industries.

As a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence and a recipient of an award for Responsible AI and Ethics, my journey has been driven by the belief that technology, when developed and used responsibly, can be a force for good. I advocate for AI engineering and data practices that prioritize explainability, transparency, fairness, trust, and robustness.

I lead the South Florida Generative AI User Group and I host Miami “AI & Pie” events! I also have a learning community where I teach as I learn.

I look forward to learning from all of you and sharing my experiences in healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing. Let’s embark on this journey of mutual growth and impactful change together!


Hi @NoelleRussell ,

Welcome to the community. We are so pleased to have you sharing your experiences and skills on the forum discussions. Looking forward to your posting.

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Hello Noelle,

I’m genuinely inspired by your journey and commitment to the ethical dimensions of AI. Your extensive experience across different industries is particularly exciting to me, as I share a keen interest in ensuring AI is developed and implemented with fairness, transparency, and trust.

As a Lead QA Automation Engineer, I am intrigued by how AI can be integrated into quality assurance processes, not only to enhance technology but to uphold these ethical standards as well.

I look forward to exchanging insights with you and exploring how our respective fields can inform and enrich one another. Here’s to a journey of shared learning and potentially contributing to our collective goals!

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Amazing! what is so great about AI is that it is only a tool for those who have a specific problem to solve. It struggles without domain expertise and guidance (also known as data). So your interest and expertise in quality can help you build solutions that solve the quality challenges you care about. As a side note, I think there are very interesting ideas to think through about multi-task orchestration with a LLM to automate quality tests… would love to hear what you learn as you go!

thanks so much! What a wonderful community! Made so many friends already!

Hello NoelleRussell,
when you host the event can you just share the source link(youtube live). so we can learn about AI that will help us to build career.

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