I am not able to run my Programing assignment

Not able to run the Programming assignment due to Kernel not connected error. Please suggest solution

Hi @pragati_dhage ,

You have post your query in the Deep Learning Resources thread which is not specific for assignment discussion. If you take a look, each course has its own forum for lectures and assignment discussion, and you will get a quicker response by posting to the those forum.
At the moment, I am not able to access the classroom. However, I do remember there is a special video on how to run the juypter notebook. I suggest you have a look at that video and familiar yourself how it works.
Here us just a quick guide:
At the top of your opened notebook, you can see a menu bar at the top, one of them is Kernel. Click on the Kernel tab and a dropdown list will show you various actions you can take. I suggest you click 'restart ’ to restart the kernel.