I can't get my grade for C1_W1_Assignment

Hello. I finished and uploaded the C1_W1_Assignment notebook to aws. I return to the vocareum page and hit the submit button and I get no submission report and no grade. I have verified that the notebook got uploaded to s3 account and yet I am not able to get a grade.

Is there something I am missing? I attach the image of my result. Please help, I can’t procede without a grade.


Same problem today with w4


What I recommend is to download the notebook with your answers and try again until this is fixed. I will continue to W2 assignment and see how far I can get before the 7 day free trial ends. If the issue is not resolved by that time then I will abandon the course.

Another suggestion would be to advice to the course owners to change the flawed tool that is being used in this course. It seems this is not the first time this issue occurs.

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I’m also experiencing the same issue with C1W2. Around discourse, it seems that many are having the same problem with different courses and assignments. I’ve tried deleting the notebook on S3 and running the last cell on Sagemaker, also tried running on chrome, firefox, and opera, but nothing worked.


I also tried with Brave, Firefox and Safari and still the same problem. This is my third day trying to obtain a grade with the flawed tool.


Dear learners, thank you for reporting the issue. We will contact Vocareum team to investigate the problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Dear all, the issue should be fixed now. Please try again and let me know if there are any issues.