I can't submit my assignment

Hello, I’m Cheolwon Gim,

I am taking a Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Professional Certification course at Coursera.

Currently, I tried to submit the Data Validation assignment during the Machine Learning Data Life in Production process, but the following error occurred.

As a result of inquiring with Coursera, they couldn’t solve it and guided them to contact the forum.
How can I solve this problem?

All assignments of Course 2 cannot be submitted.

Hi! Welcome to Discourse! Can you let me know what version of TFDV or TFX you see in the labs? For the W1 assignment, you can run this in a non-graded cell:


If you’re in W2, you can run print(tfdv.__version__) instead.

Please let me know the output. It’s possible that you’re still in the old version (0.2x). The labs have been updated recently to have versions 1.3.0. If you were already enrolled in this course for a while, please check your email (registered in Coursera) with the subject: Course 2: Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production has been updated! for steps on how to switch to the newer version.

Please let me know how it goes. Thank you!

Just tried in the notebook, it’s 1.3.0. I only started on this course about a week ago; previously I managed to submit once but now all programming assignments for course 2 cannot be submitted.

Thanks for helping!

I have experienced a similar problem. I started this course about a week ago. I have done and passed two programming assignments. A few days later, both assignments are gone. After doing the first programming assignment again, I could not submit it.

Also, I could not find the email with the subject : Course 2: Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production has been updated! Is there another way to see the steps in this email? ``

Please help. How can we fix this problem? Thanks and kind regards.

As you told me, I just tried in the notebook and it’s version 1.3.0.
I started on this course about a week ago but I cannot be submitted my assignment. There are people who have the same problem. Shouldn’t you solve this problem? How can I fix this problem?

Hi everyone! Sorry to hear about the difficulties! I will report this to our partners in Coursera so they can troubleshoot when US offices reopen tomorrow. Unfortunately, we at deeplearning.ai only have control over the course content and not the Coursera infrastructure itself. I tried submitting from my own account but cannot replicate the issue. The grader is working fine on my end so I think Coursera might be able to pinpoint the problem better by checking learner accounts. Hope you understand and I will make sure that this gets prioritized.

Also, it seems to me that you might have not received the email. I’ve copied the relevant parts below. Kindly read through it and try resetting your deadlines by following the instructions in the link indicated:

I’m currently enrolled in this course. What does this mean for me?

  • If your subscription is currently active, you can access the updated labs and submit assignments without paying for the month again.
  • If you go to the course, you will see the original version of the lecture videos and assignments. You can complete the original version if so desired (this is not recommended).
  • If you would like to update to the new material, reset your deadlines. If you’re in the middle of a course, you will lose your notebook work when you reset your deadlines. Please save your work by downloading your existing notebooks before switching to the new version.
  • If you do not see the option to reset deadlines, contact Coursera via the Learner Help Center.

I will inquire to our management tomorrow re: this email. I have a feeling it might have been sent to learners in the first course of this specialization. Will double check.

Thank you and will try my best to resolve this as soon as possible. Please let me know if resetting the deadline works (whether by doing it on your own or via the Learner Help Center). If not, we will find another way.

Hello, just to let you know I can’t see the ‘reset deadlines’ option. According to the link you gave, it will only be shown when “you miss two assignment deadlines in a row or miss an assignment deadline by two weeks”.

Thanks for Chris to send the steps through.

The ‘reset your deadlines’ option is not yet available to me. I have sent a request to Coursera via the Learner Help Center.

They have solved the problem for me. They have recovered the status of the programming assignments that I have already done and passed. Also I can submit my programming assignment again.

So far, I haven’t seen any “reset your deadlines” options. How to work it out? Do I have to write to the Coursera Learner Help Center?

Hi everyone! We are still waiting for official advice from Coursera but in the meantime, you can try this form in the Learner Help Center. You can put this in the Description of issue field (but feel free to modify as you see fit!):

Hi! A new version of Machine Learning Data Lifecycle in Production by DeepLearning.AI was recently launched but it seems I am still actively subscribed in the old session. I cannot submit my assignments. Please re-enroll me to the latest version of the course so I can see the latest materials and continue my coursework. Thank you!

URL: https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning-data-lifecycle-in-production/

Remember to download your assignment notebooks first if you’ve already done them. The refresh might cause you to start with a new lab workspace.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Mei! That’s awesome! Thank you for the status update and glad it was sorted out by Coursera!

I tried reaching out to them and asked them to re-enroll me, but they told me i was already in the newest version of this course. Unfortunately, I still can’t submit my assignment. What can I do now?

Hi Julian! Welcome to Discourse! Please let them know that you cannot submit your assignment. You can send a screenshot so they can see the error message. Please tell them that the course was very recently launched and re-enrolling you or resetting your deadlines might help debug the issue. Also let them know that other learners have resolved the issue by contacting support so other agents may already know what to do in your case. Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes. Thank you!

I’ve submitted my request to the Coursera team a few days ago but have not heard back from them. Should I submit another ticket?

Hi! Yes I recommend that you resend another ticket so another agent can look at it. Please send screenshots if possible and let them know that other learners have resolved this particular issue by contacting support. Hope this helps but let me know if you are still not getting any response. Thank you!

Hi Chris!
I let them know all the information, but it seems like they can’t help me! Their only advice was to post my issue in this forum, but this has already been done.

They also told me the error could be an issue with Jupyter Notebook and this is nothing they have controll over…

Hmm… Can you send them the screenshot of mlie’s message above? The one saying that Support can help in this situation? Maybe that will convince them that they can do something. Are you talking to the same agent? Maybe after replying there, you can send a new ticket and hopefully, it goes to another agent that’s more helpful. If still no resolution, please let me know.

Also tell them it’s not with the Jupyter notebook because other learners are able to submit it.

I have sent Coursera four different requests. I am not sure which one has created solution for me.

I think that they have put me back to the previous version of the course in order to recover the programming assignments that I have already done.

After I have finished my course in the previous version, I have asked Coursera to re-enroll me to the latest version of the course. I have just tested it. Now I can submit my assignment from the latest version of the course.

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Thank you for the tip @mlie !! Sorry to hear that you have to send four different requests. I’ll escalate this to Coursera so we’ll hopefully have clearer instructions to the agents.

@Julian_Ostermaier please add the reply above to your screenshots. Hope it helps!