I have a great idea for a deep learning project. How do I turn it into a business?

There are still gaps in my knowledge, which I am solving with Deep Learning Specialization courses.
My deep learning project in mind, will be HUGELY challenging. Would like to make it a product
application and build a business around. What are the steps to success towards this goal?
Do I need business experience to accomplish? partners?

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It really depends on the size of the project and the idea behind it. As you know, at the end of this specialization, you know how to implement your own network and apply it to any application without any difficulty. However, in the real world application, you should deal with real challenges, such as the size of data or quality of images, or even choosing the best loss function or etc. I think data preparation is an important step in this pipeline. To be precise, you should build data pipelines by gathering, cleaning, and validating datasets. Establishing data lifecycle by using data lineage and provenance metadata tools is a vital step. Moreover, deploying an appropriate model can boost accuracy. For this, you should know exactly what is the desired output of your model. For reaching these goals, you should broaden your knowledge about cutting-edge methods or request help from experienced people in deep learning. You can find them here :slight_smile:

Definitely would recommend that you also focus on the infrastructure to support your model as well.

In other words, take versions of your models as you develop it and make sure it deploys well into whatever pipeline you choose. Make sure that you know how much compute it will require and that your model can be updated in testing and production with as little effort as possible.

Did you complete your project? If yes, what was the outcome? I’m curious to learn what your idea was?

I had no idea I received your inquiry a year ago! No I havent completed my “Echo” project which will take a subject’s textual data e.g. Facebook posts, SMS, etc. as training data to fine-tune (transfer learn) from a pre-trained chatbot e.g. ChatGPT to simulate the responses of a subject. How great it would be to get the advice from a bereaved parent on one of life’s important questions. Or collaborate with a deceased genius of a particular field e.g. Einstein. This is my dream for friends and family left behind by the passing of loved and valued personalities and thinkers.
Im still on formatting, filtering the data for training. Please email directly: amberwaves@nethere.com if you have more questions. And thank you for asking!