I think I have a problem with the automatic grader

I’m doing an asigment , my output and expected out put match 1:1 , but the aoutmatic grader say I failed. is there anyone I can speeak to to go over th asigment with me to check it?
my lab id is jyhqqmerechs

Hi @Harel-Joseph_Wilner ,
What’s the error message? Please send me your assignment via dm. Also, have you checked that the metadata for grading is intact?

For anyone who has the same issue, when you submitted the assignment, no tags like ### START CODE HERE and ### END CODE HERE should be missing. Furthermore, make sure the #graded-up-to-here is not there.

Try a fresh notebook and submit the correct assignment based on the NOTE: To prevent errors from the autograder, you are not allowed to edit or delete non-graded cells in this notebook . Please only put your solutions in between the ### START CODE HERE and ### END CODE HERE code comments, and also refrain from adding any new cells. Once you have passed this assignment and want to experiment with any of the non-graded code, you may follow the instructions at the bottom of this notebook.