I want to learn the basics from the ground up


My name is Samer Shaker, I am really taking a stronger and more serious interest after going down the LLM rabbit hole with a few of the Andrew Ng videos. His approach, transparency really made it interesting, engaging, and relevant.

Taking various notes to keep up with the information, but I have found that I need to work on a refresher algebra class (who knew it would be so important - Wish they told us this in school applied algebra class would have been nice) and of course python.

Python has been my biggest challenge and even downloading it and figuring out all the computer science terminology has been difficult.

I hope to learn, partner, and help (where possible) others too in this great journey.

There are lots of useful Python tutorials for free on a common video-sharing site (whose initials are YT).

Hi TMosh,

Thank you, I have gone to YT, but needed something fully guided and found the resources. I havent bern on forums in ages so ill have to orient myself on how everything works here

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