Improvement of assignment write up

Balaji, I have a doubt, first when I was running the epoch for 5, it didn’t go to the required epoch. then I made epoch to 100. This time, epoch was running fine till 98 at which mse was 487 but then as it turned 99, mse turn nan and the training loop stopped. then after a while I tried again at epoch 50 but ran the notebook from beginning, it this time it was running properly and I was about to achieve the desired mse around epoch 40 but my power got cut off and I had to train again the model. At this time, again my epoch was at 40, but what I noticed mse started suddenly at 10,000 which was earlier beginning at 1500, 1100.

Can I know the reason of fluctuation as I am looking for solution for this problem.

My doubts are as follows-

  1. Why every time I start training a loop, mse differs with the same code as I didn’t change anything.

  2. I also noticed that as the epochs go higher, the learning rate tends to go slow. So does it mean keeping the epochs less and learning rate higher is better to train a model.

  3. As I get this was a variation model, is that reason for the fluctuation in the training model???

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Thank you in advance