Interactive contour plots

I really enjoyed playing around with the interactive contour plots in the cost function optional lab. Does anyone know how to implement something similar in my own Jupyter notebooks?

Hey @GHill, you really can just learn from those great jupyter notebooks. Take the Course 2 Week 2 ReLU notebook as an example because that interactive demo is one of my favourites, you can try to trace back which file the tool is imported from, and for the case of the ReLU notebook, it is the highlighted file.

Screenshot from 2022-06-23 08-00-23

Then you can click, on the top of the notebook, “File” > “Open” to go to the file browser mode, and just open that file and check out the code inside! You will see a widget called “Slider” and from there you can further google it for more of its capability.


Thanks @rmwkwok - I didn’t realise you could just open the module files directly!

You are welcome @GHill! Have fun!