Interruptions during assignments

I have a problem when working on assignments :> urgent demands from external sources.
I can’t avoid these and they may keep me away from the assignment for many hours, sometimes days.
These would not normally be a problem as I save checkpoints frequently.
However I am continually returning to find I have ‘timed out’ the jupyter session.
Is it possible to suspend the kernel in some way? So that I can simply sit down and pick up where I left off.
I read on another post that there is a maximum limit to the hours (480?) that you can use jupyter for. I worry about hitting that limit, perhaps not on this course but on subsequent ones.

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You can do a “Save” at any point that you want to. That is your best method for not losing very much work if your session gets suspended because you got distracted by some other demand on your attention. Every time you make a change to the notebook, train yourself to hit “Save”.

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Hi @paulinpaloalto sir, I wasn’t aware of the fact that we will be using Jupyter notebook just for 480 hours as a limited duration. Oh, that’s something new to me. Thanks for posing this query @Ian_Proffitt and letting others know too. Well, I still would like to hear it again over the clarity of 480 hours of limitation period from Paul sir. Kindly explain us all in detail if you are aware of any such information. Thank you!

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That is news to me. I will ask the course staff. If there is any limit, it would have to be “per course” or at worst “per specialization”. And whatever the limit is, they are probably talking actual kernel execution time, not connect time. That’s a lot of CPU time if it’s 480 hours.

But this is all speculation until we hear back from the staff.

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Okay, sir. Thank you for this little info!

I’ve passed along the question to the staff and will let you know what I hear back.

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Thanks Paul.
I’ll await your reply with interest.

Hi @Ian_Proffitt,

Are you facing this issue in DLS or PDS ?


My interpretation is that Ian is not “facing this issue”, he’s just worried about it because he saw some other post about it. My guess is that the post was from PDS, which is a different deal altogether since they use AWS directly.

Although I just saw a post on the NLP Coursera Forums from a student who claimed he was being billed directly by AWS for the NLP labs.

Oh, okay, that’s the case. Thank you for letting us know, Paul sir!

Thank you @paulinpaloalto for bringing my attention to it. I have written back to the learner.


Awesome! Thanks, Mubsi!