Is Tensorflow used?

Is Tensorflow used directly for building CNN’s or we have to build them from scratch?

Here in Course 5, Prof Andrew takes the same approach he did in the earlier courses: he first shows you how to build the new type of DNN yourself directly in python and numpy. Then once he’s given you that conceptual understanding of how things work, he switches to using the higher level packages to build more complex solutions. The pedagogical point of this is that you frequently find that you need to debug and tune your solutions: things hardly ever “just work” the first time you build something, so it really helps to have the conceptual understanding of what is really going on “under the hood”. If you just treat TensorFlow and Keras as magic “black boxes”, then how do you know what to do when things don’t work the way you want at first?

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Thanks for your explanation. By far the best approach what Prof Ng is taking.
@paulinpaloalto, I wanted to tell you from so long time that you are my favorite mentor as I know you from course-1 and the way you explain will give me the best explanation in the concept no one else can. Hope to clear more and more doubts from you.
And, once again thank you so much.