Is the practice quiz linked correctly

" Auto-correct and Minimum edit distance" practice quiz contains questions that are not quite related to the current topic.
Is it expected?


I was about to ask the same question, the quizz content looks quite unexpected to me ! : ) Did you get any feedback / reply ?

Not yet )

I feel like this quiz is related to the following courses in the nearest future

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I also wondered.
The last question’s answer seems wrong?
The first question is hard to pick a second choice. (don’t know how many correct in total, but the feedback says more than 1)

I think the quiz is wrongly linked to the quiz for Week 4.


I think so. CBOW is blow my mind. :rofl:

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Hey all, I’ve brought it up with the team, this should be fixed as soon as we can. Apologies for not noticing this thread earlier

12d ago and still not fixed


I can confirm this is still not linked correctly. I just arrived at the Course 2 Week 1 quiz (auto-correct and minimum edit distance) and the questions are about CBOW and other topics that have not been covered yet.


Sir, It is not yet fixed.

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Please fix this! Can we just skip the invalid practice quiz?

When do you plan to fix the problem?

So what are we supposed to do? How to complete this part of course? If they don’t fix this issue it wont be possible to get the certificate. wtf…

What about adding “Week1 Quiz” in the title?

Sir, please fix the problems for us

Hello, I also have the same problem. It would be very helpful to provide the appropriate link. Thanks!

Luckily, it was not just me :sweat_smile:

23 Dec and it’s still not fixed

I hope it gets fixed soon.

I have informed people at the backend that this is still an issue that needs to be solved with high priority. @Mubsi