Is there a way to complete lab assignments without using AWS interface? Reason: not accessible with screen readers (assistive technology)

So, I just got to the point of having to complete the first lab for this course.
Everything went reasonably well until I loaded the Jupyter notebook.
At this point my screen reader got stuck because I could not make sense of the cells but, more specifically, the editor. When arrow up and down the code in the edit field, my screen reader does not speak any information in it. It looks as though AWS is using an older version of the editor as compared to Google Cloud, the latter being more accessible and is easier to use with screen readers.

My question really is whether i can complete and turn in these assignments without having to use AWS?

I hope someone from DLAI reads this forum and can advise?
Thank you!

Hi Victor, and welcome to the Forum! Thank you for the feedback. I’ll forward this to our partners and see if there’s a setting to make it more accessible to screen readers. Will update you as soon as I hear from them. Thanks again.

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Hi Chris.
So, I guess, in the meantime, there is no way for me to proceed with the course and / or complete it? Do you happen to have lab instructions / steps in text format somewhere so that i can at least do it on my own rather than relying on inaccessible tools?
Sorry, just trying to find a way forward…

Thank you!

Hi Victor. Unfortunately, I still haven’t heard back from our partners re: accessibility settings on AWS.

The exercises require resources that might be locked inside the classroom environment. So, even if we give you the notebooks, you might not be able to run them completely because of permission issues. Furthermore, running it on a personal account might incur some significant expenses so we don’t recommend it.

If you’re in a hurry and finding the course unusable because of the screen reader issue, I recommend reaching out to Coursera to discuss your options. Please see the instructions here on how to contact them. I’m sorry I don’t have better news at this point. But hopefully, our partners consider the feedback in future platform updates.