Issue in Order bot section

I think it should be styles instead of style here:
pn.Row(‘Assistant:’, pn.pane.Markdown(response, width=600, style={‘background-color’: ‘#F6F6F6’})))

Please confirm

Hi @pratyushbgr,

It needs to be style.


As system marks when trying to execute:
‘style’ is deprecated and will be removed in version 1.3, use ‘styles’ instead
i just changed style to styles and it works

Hi @CandyGZ,

Did you run the notebook locally or on colab ?

Hi, i run it locally

Hi @CandyGZ,

Then I believe the package version on the platform is different then what you installed on your local, which us why it gave the deprecation warning. In that case, it would be styles with the latest package version. And style with the package version on the platform.


That must be @Mubsi, ty for clarifying. Have a wonderful day

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