Issues with W3 Quiz: Model Management and Deployment Infrastructure

Is it just me or are the quiz answers for W3 - Model Management and Deployment Infrastructure a bit strange?

Q1: When does the minor version increment in the MAJOR.MINOR.PIPELINE approach of model versioning?

  • In software engineering,
  • In ML is fundamentally different from debugging in software engineering.

The course material said something like:
Minor: when model is compatible with previous input/output, but a new version has been trained (e.g. better performance)

Q4: What is the difference between canary and blue/green deployment? (Select all that apply)

  • Delivering software functionalities through automated deployments.
  • Increasing deployment velocity.
  • Ensuring dependable releases of high-quality software.

Q4 only allows single choice so (Select all that apply) does not apply.

Also the answer I expected would be something like: blue-green switches all traffic at once, canary switches gradually. To be honest, I am not sure what to do with the given options.

Hi Christian! Thank you for reporting. We’ve alerted the devs re: this issue. Thanks!

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