Jazz Improvisation: Cannot Run Programming Assignment Locally

In relation to my other thread: Jazz Improvisation - How Chords Are Represented? - #2 by Elemento

I downloaded and created a local copy of the project and attempted to run this locally in my Jupyter notebook. When running the project, I encounter this issue in preProcess.py.

pip install music21==6.5.0

Please resolve library dependencies by looking at library versions from coursera jupyter environment.

Thanks for the response! I have already resolved music21 and other libraries. I have printed also the melody_stream variable and it is not null (see line 30 in preprocess.py). It only fails in the melody_stream.getElementsByClass apparently.

I’m sorry. You are on your own.

Please do this:

  1. Run !pip freeze > requirements.txt on coursera jupyter environment inside a new cell.
  2. On your desktop, create a new environment using conda / venv and then activate it.
  3. Install just the missing dependencies and not all the libraries with requirements.txt as the reference.

Thanks! I did what you mentioned and realized that music21 version did not match. I was using the latest version but the project uses 6.5.0. Thanks!