Job Opportunity to share in this community


I am looking for a candidate, and I would like to share the job description.


En version of the site is still mostly in french. From what I’ve observed, most forum members here prefer English.

Good luck.

Thank you for the feedback. Candidates who speak only English are welcome.


Why is the website mostly in french?

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Hi @balaji.ambresh ,

Inria is the French national research institute for digital science and technology, that is why the website is in French. However, most European universities are bilingual, with English as as one of the languages used.


I only took 2 years of high school French about 40 years ago, so I asked GPT4 to advise what the listing was saying: “This webpage is about a job opening for a Computer Science Engineer at Inria in Rennes, France. The position focuses on AI and requires experience in developing machine learning models, specifically for marketing campaign optimization. The candidate should be proficient in Python and familiar with GANs and other generative AI models. Benefits include subsidized meals, partial health insurance coverage, and the possibility of remote work. The salary starts from €2,700 gross per month, and the position is on a fixed-term contract basis.”