Jupyter Cells - Is there a metadata reference?

My Google Fu is failing me. I’ve searched iPython, Jupyter, iPyPublish docs, SO, and several other places for a reference to the Cell metadata values that a notebook will honor natively. The best I’ve found is a specific remedy for ‘editable: false’ code cells, and values I found on inspection: trusted, and deletable.

Is there a reference for the metadata values, somewhere?

I don’t know, but why do you ask? Messing with the metadata is not a good idea. If you feel that you need to edit one of the non-editable test cells, you should reconsider. If the test fails, the problem is not with the test: it means your code is broken. If you’re going to invest this much mental effort, it is better spent contemplating potential errors in your code.

Circumventing the grader is absolutely NOT my intent. Sorry if my question gave that impression. I happened to notice I couldn’t add some print statements anywhere except inside the function call, and got curious, as I’m new to Jupyter, and to python / numpy.

I’m retraining for some upcoming ML assignments at work, and Jupyter is one of the tools our data science team uses. As with other frameworks I’ve learned, I’m trying to understand how the tooling works and what it’s capable of.

And just to reiterate… I hold cheating or any other learning circumvention in very low regard. FWIW, I earned both my Valedictory GPA in high school and summa cum laude in college by pressing for deep understanding, rather than being satisfied with doing the bare minimum to pass tests. That approach bleeds over into most things I do, I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, no, I didn’t mean to imply you were trying to circumvent the grader. Just that it is a common syndrome that when a test fails, people assume that the problem couldn’t possibly be with their own code and want to modify the test. It sounds like you are definitely not that type of person, so I apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

If you want to add print statements in a non-editable test cell, the easiest thing to do is just insert a new cell for your print statements either before or after the test cell. Just use “Insert → Cell Above” or “Insert → Cell Below” as appropriate. You can even copy the contents of the test cell into your new modifiable cell if that serves any purpose for you.

In terms of understanding more deeply how the Jupyter platform works, I’m sorry but I have not really looked into that. There must be authoring tools for creating and modifying the notebooks that let you manipulate the metadata. I’m surprised that you could not find any information about that on the Jupyter website. Have you tried the google search “jupyter authoring tools”?

Got it, that makes sense. It turns out I was able to bracket the numpy behavior I cared about within the function… but of course it printed for every test, as well.

A new cell would have worked better. I’ll try that next time.

Thanks for the insights! :slightly_smiling_face: