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Hello Ray @raybard,

Yes, definitely worth to. I think you can choose to “audit” the DLS specialization so you can view the videos (only) for free. You can decide whether to enroll it later.

it may not be easy to identify the type of opportunity you are looking for at the beginning. It takes the right timing, the right experience, or the right information and the right people who you come across with. But when the time comes, we should have been ready for that, right?

Knowing your country’s policy, trends and development of your preferred company to work in, what your friend circle’s tech interests are, or your own interest are good starting points for collecting some right information. :wink: This is also my process of developing my sense of what’s important and what I want to do. Maybe those information will equip you when you finally talk with the right people. Enrich youself :wink:

There are always uncertainties no matter which path you take, or opportunities if you look at it from another side. Sometimes we need to make some moves to settle things down ourselves. Although I don’t know you personally, from I have read, you think through things. I am sure if you decide to do something, you will do it well.

Good luck,

Hi Ray @rmwkwok ,

Sorry for the late response I’ve just saw yours. Yes I definitely think things through and even if as you said we don’t know each other on a personal level, we do share this common thing so it should be a good thing :slightly_smiling_face: . As of now I intend to get some practice before jumping into the DLS and auditing it as you recommended. I can do this later. But I think some practice is good and of greater importance especially since my time is a bit limited. Tell me what will this specialization bring me in addition to the MLS. As I’ve said it’s particularly the how-to that is important for me.


Hi Ray, this page talks about what is included in each of the courses.


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