Kernel Dead issue at labs

I am facing kernel dead issue on my labs of third week of this course, I have do tips and tricks but these are not working, I also take help from coursera help center they told these labs issue are solved by the partcular course offering organization not us , we are to to help you with technical issues not these issues they told this, Now what should I do I am got stucked on middle of lab.

This can happen if your code has an infinite loop, and the kernel times-out.

It an also happen if you added a lot of new print() statements to your code for displaying extra results. This can cause the out-of-memory issue.

Does your code do either of these things?

If you have the large output syndrome that Tom describes, one thing to note is that you can submit to the grader without the generated output. The grader only needs to call your functions and doesn’t care about the generated output. So you can try this sequence:

  1. Kernel → Restart and Clear Output
  2. Save
  3. Submit Assignment

At least that way you can get your assignment graded and find out if your code is correct or not.

It has been solved, I made a mistake in my code so it is doing this issue, when I correct my code then it is sorted , thank you for reply me @TMosh @paulinpaloalto