Kernel not running/ dead kernel


Kernel never starts for me (whether I choose data science or another kernel). Please help me out

Not sure what would cause that. Do you have more details of what you did before you got into this state? You can try shutting down the Jupyter app (under File menu in the studio) and restarting Studio, which sometimes resolves weird issues. By now your session probably expired, so restarting the lab might resolve this issue as well, if it was just a bad state your session randomly got into.

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I’m working on Course 1 week 1 assignment of Practical Data Science on AWS. I was still working on the assignment when the kernel dead status showed and i was unable to continue the assignment. I think that was because the the 2 hours limit reached. I need more time to complete the work since it is my first assignment and so I’m going through it slowly.
Can you please help?

Thank you.

You don’t need any special permissions to retake the lab, just hit the start lab button again for another 2 hours.

Ok. I’ll try doing that.

Thank you for the reply!

No problem, some of these really push the limit on the timeframe. It might be worth it to download the lab and try and work on it offline. It might not be much help though since there would be no connection to AWS which is sort of important.
Good luck!