Kernel not working

Hey @Zain_728, I have 4 suggestions and please try them in order.

  1. Check and make sure you still have a valid subscription.

  2. This learner solved a kernel error problem by using a different browser. You may try.

  3. Even though there is no working kernel, try the Submit button. The grader should fail the submission if you have not worked on the assignment, but as long as you can submit and the grader fails it because the work isn’t done, then you can submit and you may try the following workaround:

    1. go to coursera and open the lab for collaborative filtering, click “Lab Files” > “Download all files” and a zip file called will be downloaded
    2. go to a previous coursera notebook that you can run a kernel, make sure you also have a working kernel this time
    3. on that previous notebook’s menu bar, click “File” > “Open” > “Upload” and upload the zip file
    4. after uploaded, click “New” > “Python3”, then paste and run this line to extract the zip file: !unzip ./
    5. After extraction, click “File” > “Open” again, and you should see a new folder called “Files”, click into it and into all the subdirectories until you see the notebook for collaborative filtering again, and then click to open that notebook, and complete your work from there.
    6. after finishing it with all tests passed, download your complete work again by clicking “File” > “Download as” > “notebook”.
    7. open a new browser, go to the collaborative filtering lab again in course 3 week 2 where you are not able to get a working kernel, this time, click “File” > “Open”, rename your current notebook’s name to anything else, and upload your completed notebook here, your completed notebook has to have the name “C3_W2_Collaborative_RecSys_Assignment” for the grader to grade it.
    8. click to open the uploaded, completed work and then submit it and if the grader doesn’t pass it because there are bugs in the code, you will need to debug your code in the browser for step 6, and then repeat step 7-8.
  4. Please contact coursera again, letting them know you have a valid subscription, you have posted here, and what you have tried suggested by us here, and ask them for other resolutions.