Kubectl logs --follow ${JOB_NAME}-worker-0

I get the following error after I type this: kubectl logs --follow ${JOB_NAME}-worker-0

Error from server (BadRequest): container “tensorflow” in pod “multi-worker-worker-0” is waiting to start: trying and failing to pull image

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @BARIS,

Welcome to our community! I am afraid you will need to move this topic to the right category since you are in the Machine Learning Specialization that doesn’t cover about Keburnetes. If you don’t know how to move a topic, you might tell me the name of the course or better the name of the specialization and I can do it for you.


PS: A possible reason for it to fail to pull a private image is that you didn’t set the required secret to the registry for authentication

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I re-did everything, and this time all went well. Magic :slight_smile: Thanks Raymond.