L4 - Error while running the notebook on colab

Hi @Mubsi ,
Thanks for your suggestion. After installing the specific versions it worked like a charm!

To elaborate for anyone else who faces this issue:

pip freeze and pip show did not work for me as it only shows the following packages:

Package Version

gyp 0.1
mercurial 6.3.2
pip 23.0.1
setuptools 66.1.1
six 1.16.0
wheel 0.38.4

  1. Run the following python code to find out the versions of the packages in the platform:

import openai
import llama_index
import trulens_eval
print(“OpenAI GPT version:”, openai.version)
print(“llama-index version:”, llama_index.version)
print(“trulens_eval version:”, trulens_eval.version)

  1. Install the specific versions in colab alongwith other dependencies. The versions that worked for me:

!pip install openai==1.3.5
!pip install llama-index==0.9.8
!pip install python-dotenv
!pip install trulens_eval==0.18.1
!pip install pypdf
!pip install sentence_transformers


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