Last assignment week 3

I always get the error “invalid syntax” for cell 7 in the last assignment and there is the markdown language like if that cell shouldn’t be for code to run but it should be just a writing cell. When I hand in the assignment continuously says “can’t compile” and there is nothing I am doing wrong, because I checked the hints and the final answer i get is correct and everything else is correct, tests pass stc…

Please post a screen capture image of your Cell 7.

this is my grading outcome

i tried to reboot and to update to latest version to get a new notebook but it fails to do that. I know that running this code in a “non runnable cell” outcomes a paragraph and a video, but don’t know what I did wrong and it doesn’t run if I execute it

That cell should be a markdown cell, you may select it, and use the menu above to change it back to a “Markdown” type cell.

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thank you very much!