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feel free to connect(add the linked in preamble can’t post links): christopher-gamache-3b1ab024

I am deeply engaged in the forefront of integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, especially Large Language Models (LLMs), into innovative business applications. My journey, which began with financial systems, computer vision, and robotics, now converges on my passion for generative AI, leading the way in innovation and research.

In my current role, I focus on the nuances of advanced prompt engineering and harnessing generative AI for sophisticated coding and research tasks. This expertise forms the core of my approach to transforming how businesses utilize AI, particularly in enhancing productivity and fostering innovation.

I am committed to staying at the cutting edge of AI technology, leveraging it to create solutions that redefine industry standards and drive forward the future of AI in the business world.

I would love to connect as well. I’m a physics PhD (nuclear/particle theory) working in academia/teaching but looking to move into a Data Science/ML Engineering industry roles and am just broadly an AI enthusiast. I’ve worked on a variety of projects in NLP, CV, and data analytics and am looking to learn as much as I can about novel applications of ML techniques. I’m particularly interested in how AI can be used in the EdTech space. Would love to connect with any of you that are interested. My linkedin is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/reggiebain/

Hey :wave:,

I’m Francisc, I’m focusing on building products using AI tools as a software engineer.

Let’s connect: Francis Balint - Fibonacci Impact | LinkedIn

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Hello, I’m Shamiso, an undergraduate student in Computer Science. I am also a deeplearning.ai Tester. Happy to connect with you all.

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Nice to join you all :slight_smile: I’m Dmitri, a former 3D modeler and prototyper. Now I’m a cybersecurity and data analyst rookie and AI enthusiast :slight_smile:
Let’s connect and grow together :slight_smile:
Dmitri Slovogorodski | LinkedIn

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@RobotJINI Welcome

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Hi, my name is Kevin Knights, and I’m a Machine Learning Engineer focused on Large Language Model (LLM) Applications.

I also help LATAM communities, especially in Panama, to learn more about the field of AI (paying Andrew Ng’s favor forward :slight_smile:)

Feel free to connect: KnightsK (cant post links)

Sheers! Saludos!

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Hi all,
I am Chaitanya Deshmukh. I am currently a Software Engineer working on Salesforce technology, having good development skills in Mobile, Web and CRM as well.
I am getting more interested in the new trending AI so, found this very interesting thread and thought to comment on this . Feel free to reach out to me on my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chaitanya-deshmukh-b7aa72164/
I love to help people to solve their issue in software development. I am so much interested in System designs and currently preparing for MAANG companies
as my first switch in IT career

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Hi. I was going to take the Mathematics for ML and Data Science specialization first, but decided to take the ML Specialization directly. What do you think about the Mathematics for ML and Data Science specialization?