Linear classifier: other models except Logistic Regression

Hi. Are there any other models of linear classifier (except Logistic Regression model) represented in Deep Learning Specialization courses.
I had finished all 5 courses month ago, but on todays interview couldn’t answer on this question.

Now I’ve googled that there are also:
- Linear Discriminant Analysis
- Naive Bayes classifier
- Perceptron
- Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Analysis
- Support vector machine

But I don’t remember and I really can’t find none of them in all 5 courses. Do I missed/forgot something? If yes - could you please give me the URL on those lections? Thanks!

I think these topics are more related to machine learning.
In any standard Machine learning book you will find topics related to them.
Or, you can learn from here, I am also following this course, and this course is like a foundation for Machine Learning.

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Thanks, @TANMAY_KUMAR_20 !
I’d finished that course as well. Before the DL specialization.

Yes, I’ve found there just few words about Perceptron, Winnow, Memory-based, Naive Bayes -

And I’ve found the beginning of Support vector machine explanation - . I will review it again.

And I have found no word about Linear Discriminant Analysis and Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Analysis.