Looking for SCADA specialist with interest in ML

Hi I would like to know if possible to find people with SCADA and Automation background to whom we could share experience and discuss about how to apply deep learning in our field


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hi @Alcalafrancisco, I am a SCADA/MES engineer. We could get in touch and discuss what do you need.

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Thanks, @matej.medvecky nice to meet you. I am interested in several areas one of them is exploring the applicability of ML algorithms for predictive analytics for processes that have residence time, for instance, prediction of chlorine residual in contact tanks. I am also interested in explorer the use of ML for situation awareness for SCADA systems and early detection for instance to detect contaminants in the water source. I am also interested in data-centric twin plants using deep learning for loop modeling as building blocks.


@Alcalafrancisco those are very interesting areas of ML application. I can imagine it would be extremely helpful for operators and maintenance. So out of these three areas, which one would you like to start working with, considering the availability of data needed for ML?


@matej.medvecky I have been doing some experimentation for predictive analytics for processes that have residence time. I did a proof of concept to predict the temperature shutdown alarm of a rotary dryer that has a 10 min loop. I would like to be able to first have a quick proof of a concept test environment to test several algorithms (Go/No Go), proceed with training and modeling, and lat lastly create a runtime platform that interacts in real-time with the SCADA System.

Hi Alcala Francisco,

I wouldn’t refer to myself as a “SCADA specialist”, however, this is exactly the sort of topic I’m looking for!

A little about myself: I’m working closely on the business end of things with a team of over 60+ members as head of BD & Strategy for a local Cambodian founded & based Smart-Grid Development & Power-Automation company. I’d love to be a part of these discussions and share any experience/input from this corner of the globe! We’ve developed & supplied our own SCADA software since 2014 along with IoT controllers on the grid [IEC 104 certified aswell]. My interest is to see how we translate the data we’re already logging and storing & see how we can embed ML systems into our product. Whether its to be a “recommendation system” based on different types of faults/alarms an operator might receive! Currently, our platform is being used in multiple provinces aswell as by the national utility provider.

Also, I was previously doing business development for an AI enablement startup [data-labelling] startup, hence my interest in AI!

Looking forward to getting in touch!

Let’s connect on Linkedin: [ https://www.linkedin.com/in/omarsher/ ]

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