Loss curve Attribute of SGDRegressor model

Running this piece of code in the lab is yielding an attribute error saying (‘SGDRegressor’ object has no attribute ‘loss_curve_’), can someone please guide me around it…thanks!

Which lab are you referring to? Please give the name of the lab.

Sorry, the name of the lab is State-action value function lab (Course 3, Week 3, Lab 1)

Sorry, I’m confused. It the MLS Course 3 Week 3 “State action value functional example” lab, I don’t see any mention of sgdRegressor().

In which course? You posted in the “Machine Learning Specialization” forum.

I am really sorry, I got confused between the labs
This is the lab I was referring to-:
Course 1, week 2, Lab 5

The code you have in that cell does not match what is in the course materials: