Machine alternative to follow Docker related assigments

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Hi community, while I’m aware I won’t “be required to complete the Docker-related ungraded labs to complete this course.” Would I be able to run these exercises over free-online machines available from Collab, Kaggle, Gradient, etc? Any recommendations?


Hello @phi.designer
Yes, you can run the ungraded labs locally on your machine!
If you want an online machine you can check out:

Regards Isaak

Thanks @Isaak_Kamau,

Unfortunately no. I can’t as I’m using my company laptop i.e. I can’t install it on my machine.

Would I be able to follow the Docker GitHub tutorials on this virtual environment?


I haven’t used docker in a virtual environment but according to their documentation you should be able to do so, Give it a try, In case you run into a problem you can always reach out!

Hi @Isaak_Kamau, I managed to run the first assignment! However, I’m now trying to run Week 2 Ungraded Lab - Deploy a ML model with FastAPI and Docker and of course it doesn’t have Jupyter notebook. I tried running it on a Colab server, but as it runs inside a Docker it doesn’t seem to allow me to install Docker… any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello, @phi.designer
Sorry for the delayed response!
I have found some suggested solutions:

  1. Deploy FastAPI and Docker applications on Google colab using a service like ngrok to expose your local server read more here:

Also try: Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Sometimes it’s a matter of trials and errors check whether there is any of the above thread will work for you!