Maths and AI book club (creating a group to meet online, discuss and learn)

Hi everyone,

I am Nicolas, I’m in Europe, Coursera student since almost a decade, and maths lover with a phd in physics.

I have always been mostly an individual learner because of my personality, always trying hard to blend in but having my comfort zone in a library. Still I’m not giving up and I would be happy to share and learn with other passionate people.

I have some ambitious expectations and hope to find people wanting to explore domains exploiting maths for AI (for instance what interests me now: Riemannian geometry in generative models, usage of wavelets for time series). But I’m happy to connect with anyone, regardless the background, and moreover I’d be happy to connect with anyone in the world, with any culture, and share!

Please write below if you would be interested in regular meetings and talk about articles or book chapters.

Have all a nice day!

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@Nicolas depending on availability I think that could be quite interesting.

would live to join