Meaning of the term "iteration is streaming"

May I know what the term “iteration is streaming” refers to? This is in reference to the Week 3 programming assignment, where we used dataset.prefetch(8) to prevent a memory bottleneck. The assignment specified that prefetch() is able to prevent a memory bottleneck because the iteration, when it iterates over the dataset in steps of 8(specified number), is streaming. I am not familiar with this phrase (“iteration is streaming”)
May I know what this means?

Hi @mshk,

The complete sentence reads like this:

This works because the iteration is streaming, so the data doesn’t need to fit into the memory.

That means that you are receiving a flow of data (a stream), so you can start using it without the need to load all data in memory at the same time.

Hope that helps.

yes, that makes sense. Thanks!