Minimum hardware (RAM) requirements for local Labs

Hi everyone,
It seems there is a need to have a minimum amount of RAM to run successfully the Labs. It would be great to make them more explicit so learners can adapt to Labs, and see how to advance with them. For example, in week 2, using VirtualBox has specific RAM requirements and in week 3 Building ML Pipelines with Kubeflow also has specific requirements of a certain amount of RAM available to run without issues. In my case, I have done most of the work in my local machine with just 6GB of RAM installed, but it seems insufficient for these two labs that I mention. In any case, I understand that I can follow the instructions and get the main ideas anyway. However, it would be useful for future learners to specify the conditions upfront so they learn immediately what approach can follow for the local lab.
I hope this helps.

Good point Sergio! Will add a note clarifying the hardware requirements in the next iteration. Thank you for the suggestion!

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