Missing files for lab C3_W2

I could not find user_features,item_features movie_dict
please update files to download

Hi @FViloria ,

These variables are loaded by the utility function load_data() which read the raw data files from the data sub-directory.
Just rerun the code cells from start, it should pick up the data for those variables.

I am not referring to coursera environment files but the ones provided by download, that can be used in your own jupyter notebook, please check them out and update the files
Thank you

Franklin Viloria

Hi @FViloria

All the files to be used with the assignment are available to download for you to work on your own environment, there isn’t a different set of files.

To download all the files:
on the top right of your open notebook, click lab files ->download all files
you will have to skip a couple of directory on the file path to get to the files


The downloaded files have different names than the ones used in the lab, I could identify all of them except one:

Lab Downloaded Files name Comment

  1. content_top10_df.csv content_top10_df.csv same
  2. content_bygender_df.csv content_bygender_df.csv same
  3. item_train content_item_train.csv use hidden load function
  4. user_train content_user_train.csv use hidden load function
  5. y_train content_y_train.csv use hidden load function
  6. item_features content_item_train_header.txt use hidden load function
  7. user_features content_user_train_header.txt use hidden load function
  8. item_vecs content_item_vecs.csv use hidden load function
  9. movie_dict unable to identify from downloaded files
  10. user_to_genre content_user_to_genre.pickle use hidden load function

Which one is movie_dict?

Thank you,

Franklin Viloria

Please take a look at the load_data() function in the recsysNN_utils.py file.

The movie_dict variable was created from the content_movie_list.csv file within this function.

I do not have access to the load_data() function

Franklin Viloria

Click on File → Open, and there you will see this file where the load_data function is implemented.

Found it,

Thank you,

Franklin Viloria