Mistake in check_eigenvector function

when i tried to reshape it failed, maybe mistake in previous exercise

(removed because it contains solutions to code)
(removed because it contains solutions to code)

Since you are using numpy package, its probably bettet to do np.dot() instead of just using the sign *.

omg, its so obvious!
thank you very much!

Hello @novosadkatie!

It is great that you could solve your problem!

I would kindly ask you to avoid sharing solution to code exercises, because it violates our community guidelines.

You can show images of the error and have a discussion about it without sharing solution to the code. If necessary, you can DM a mentor or a course staff and we will help you privately.

Please note that, at first, let’s try to have discussions about difficulties and problems in the open forum, because it may help others learners as well!


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