Mistake in the description cell in Practice Lab

Hello, In the cell where we are supposed to print y_train, it says we have both negative values and positive values. Then, it goes on to print some values which are not there in the output i get when i print the y_train?
heres the output:

Type of y_train: <class ‘numpy.ndarray’>
First five elements of y_train are:
[17.592 9.1302 13.662 11.854 6.8233]

heres the description:

Similarly, y_train is a numpy array that has decimal values, some negative, some positive.

  • These represent your restaurant’s average monthly profits in each city, in units of $10,000.
    • For example, 17.592 represents $175,920 in average monthly profits for that city.
    • -2.6807 represents -$26,807 in average monthly loss for that city.

That just gives an example of what a negative value in the data set means. It isn’t limited to just the first five displayed values.