MLEP C2_W2_LAB2_Feature_Engineering: RuntimeError: FileNotFoundError


I was trying to run the ExampleGen from tfx components but every time I keep getting this file not found error. Can somebody please assist?

Thanks for the help.

The input_base should lead to a data directory where the CSV file is located, I am not sure from the error is leading to such directory!

The CSV file is located inside the input base directory but Still getting the error. The main problem is there is supposed to be a ‘.gz’ file to be created inside the split train folder but unfortunately it is not there that’s why it is throwing the error.

When you use the split train folder on the code is it just named ‘train’ or ‘Split-train’, I saw a case it was the latter, it might be the issue that file is not there. Also you can check the structure of the folders on the left side. Most cases if you go again over the notebook you might catch the issue.