MLEP Course 2 assignement week 3


When I submit my work, for every question I have the following comment:
“The notebook you provided has a syntax error that prevents it from compiling.”

The ID Labo is gfgrrfua

Could you please help me?




I have saved my answers. A first step could be reinitialize the lab…


Hi @Clement

From experience: Here are some things to rule out :

  1. There should not be any cell in the notebook that throws an error. Otherwise, the grader will halt and not give a partial grade. This usually stems from a learner submitting an assignment even if he/she is not yet done with all the exercises (e.g. doing Exercise 1 then pressing Submit immediately)
  2. The learner may have renamed the notebook and pressed the Submit button there. The grader expects the default filename when grading. That is the file opened when you launch the notebook from the Coursera classroom. For example, if the default filename is C2W1_Assignment.ipynb , then the grader will grade that notebook even if the learner presses the Submit button from C2W1_Assignment_2021_05_11.ipynb

could you please check that you’re not falling in any of these situations?

Hello Luigi,

Thank you for helping me.
The filename doesn’t seem to have been changed.
I made a copy of the file and tried an assignment with the the same result.
Is it possible to reset the file?



Hello @Clement,

To reset the assignment notebook, first rename the notebook from C2W3_Assignment to another name.

Second, on the assignment notebook screen, click on the Help button on the top right-hand corner. Click on the “Get latest version” button to receive a brand new notebook.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Hello David,

When submitting, I have the same comment ("“The notebook you provided has a syntax error that prevents it from compiling.”) for each question:

  • with the initial empty notebook
  • by using a notebook with the question 1 answered

Hello @Clement ,

Per the previous note from @luigisaetta, you cannot have any cell that might generate error. If you have just one cell in the notebook that generates error, the grader will give you zero credit for everything.

If I wanted to just do one or few exercises and submit the assignment before I go further, I had to do it this way. I had to go to all unfilled exercise cells and “comment-out” all the code in the cell.

Commenting out code line-by-line in a cell can be a pain. I found it easier to just do Control-A to highlght everything in the cell then Control-/ to comment all highlighted lines (on a Windows PC).

Give this approach a try and see whether it is easier for you to submit the assignments incrementally. Go get them! :slight_smile:


Thank you… Finally it works.
The cell of the last exercice was the problem

Best regards


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