MLOps C4 Wk4 Qwiklabs not available

I’m having trouble accessing the graded assignment - is it an issue on the Qwiklabs side? When will the assignment be available?

try to start lab in incognito mode

Still has the same error message, also on a different machine and browser… I’ve had no problems accessing the other Qwiklabs assignments, just this one

im having issues too on this particular lab- discounting the "long access token that we are instructed to insert- am i supposed to alter the code that they give us to run in the cloud shell like add an inspect.json to save? it seems fairly complete but it blows up im getting a ton of error messages when i attempt to run the code - where and ultimately redact a phone number- there was some message on the platform saying sensitive data was involved in a merge with data protection i dont know its not functioning for me

Hi @Paul_katz ,

Sorry for the issue you are encounter. Have you retry since then? It looks like it is working fine as of now. Please let us know.