MLOPs C4W2 Ungraded Lab #2 Intro to Kubernetes in Local PC - Problem to reach the server

Hi @chris.favila, hope you can weigh in to help me to solve the mystery…

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Hi @chris.favila

I also tried to use tunnel to reach the server unsuccessfully… see below.

I found pods status with ‘CrashLoopBackoff’, is this normal? see below.

@chris.favila hope you can help me to resolve this…

Hi @chris.favila, just an update that I managed to resolved my problem with the help from @Th_o_Vy_Le_Nguy_n. Below is a short summary of the workaround.

I had restarted the whole installation from fresh without VirtualBox and docker’s.
Also, most important, I edited the deployment.yaml to increase the memory.limit to 6000M (6G as per your suggestion).
I ran a separate Ubuntu window “minikube service tf-serving-service” to open a tunnel to the service.
I managed to run the curl command successful this time and saw the results returned by the model finally! I also completed the rest of the Lab 2 exercise successfully.

Most important 2 things I learned are : (1) how to use ‘kubectl describe all’ and to debug why found the container (tf-serving) got terminated/recreated multiple times - due to memory constraint problem and prompted me to edit the deployment.yaml. (2) given my local Windows11+wsl2+ubuntu setup, I must ran “minikube service tf-serving-service” to have minikube open a tunnel for me to connect the service server for submitting the json inputs.

Warm regards,