MLS - C2_W2_Assignment - Missing contents


I am unable to find all the contents in the programming assignment,

Explanation for the below contents is missing

  • [3 - Softmax Function]
    • [Exercise 1]
  • [4 - Neural Networks]
    • [4.1 Problem Statement]
    • [4.2 Dataset]

Could you please help me get the complete file.


Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by “contents is missing”.

Those parts of the assignment are included in the notebook.

Can you post a screen capture image that shows the issue?


In iPython notebook after ‘2-Relu Activation’ section it is directly showing ‘4.3 model representation’. The contents between these two are not available to work (highlighted in the second screenshot). It is not showing information about Exercise 1 and other contents between 3 and 4.2.

Please help me to get the missing information.


Hello @Shashi_Kanth, you may check out this guideline for how to refresh your workspace. You may want to rename your current notebook and follow those steps to download a brand new copy, and move any content from the current notebook to the new one.


Thanks Raymond, issue got fixed.

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You are welcome @Shashi_Kanth