Multi Output Regression: Multi Parameters?

Hi @Pere_Martra I saw this post and this is what I think about it in a previous post.

Basically you have one set of weights for the main branch and 2 othes sets for each branch when it splits.

How this is done, I always take a water flow in pipes analogy, one main branch splits in 2 other branches, the pressure is the same in the main branch but is different in splits (here the pressure can be anlogue to gradients/learned weights).

The overall presure in each part of the systems is decided by both taps at the end of the branches (suppose we have taps/valves in their ends).

Now the maths behind it is bound to be a bit complex because you have a few “valves” and also it is high dimmensional space we are dealing with. Even if was water pressure would be complex maths :grin:

But I think these are the main principles.

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