Multiple Activation Functions In a Neuron

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I was wondering that if a neuron can have multiple activation functions. I was giving it a thought and my mind is just stuck on this question. I would really love insights from the experts. Can we have multiple activation functions in a neuron? If yes, why don’t we have any architecture like that? If not, then why not?

The activation alters the input, sometime suppresses it or enhances it but changes its complexity into a simpler form. What you are actually trying to do with a neural network is obtain a complex dimensional representation of some data and it is actually being done with its many layers and activations in them. The same process you would do with many pathways (many activations in a neuron is being done with the many continuous layers), after all its an approximation every stage and it really makes not much difference to have precise results on the outputs of the activations.

Residual networks offer 2 paths of the same data, you should understand that neural networks are implemented as graphs (top to bottom) the goal is the graph to be less complex and it really makes not much difference because the same thing is achieved with the many layers present.

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In a single neuron, I have never seen this done.