Name 'callbacks' is not defined

Hi @paragon, thanks for reaching out, I successfully received your code, When I copied your graded functions into my notebook I got 100/100, But when I replaced the entire notebook with yours I faced the same error and got only 50/100.

@a-zarta, unfortunately, the “Get latest version” option is not working properly for some reason, as it is not getting a blank version “The graded functions are not reset to defaults and the changes made by the user remain”

Here is a blank version, download it and follow these instructions:
C1W2_Assignment.ipynb (8.1 KB)

Step 1:


Step 3: Select the attached notebook, then click upload.

Step 4:

Step 5: enter the new notebook and paste your solution into the graded functions (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE).

Please try this and tell me if it worked well.