Name 'zero_pad' is not defined

I’ve receive “name ‘zero_pad’ is not defined” error on the zeropad exercise. Anyone has the same error?

Also having problem with exercise 4(pool forward) as I get “AssertionError: Wrong value for A[1, 1]”

Anyone help me on these?

The “zero_pad not defined” error was fixed yesterday by an update to the file.
Be sure you’re using the update from yesterday.

Hi again, it worked.
Could you help me on below;

exercise 4(pool forward) as I get “AssertionError: Wrong value for A[1, 1]”

Sounds like there’s an error in your code.

I know, I could not resolve the problem. Could you guide me?

We would like to help, but it’s a bit hard to know where to start if the only information you are giving us is “my answer is wrong”. Please keep in mind that the mentors are just fellow students. We do not have any magic powers. For example, we do not have the ability to examine anyone else’s notebooks.

If your conv_forward function was successful, then maybe one point worth making is that the pooling layers are fundamentally different from convolution layers in that they operate “channelwise”. Meaning that in a conv layer, the filter covers all the channels of the input, but in a pooling layer you just loop over the input channels and handle each one separately.

Thanks for your kind response!!