Need help with FaceSwap code?

I’m encountering challenges finding and running the code for FaceSwap generation. Here are the issues I’m facing:**

  • Multiple files on GitHub: When I check GitHub repositories, there are often multiple files, and I’m unsure which one to run.
  • Colab issues:Code from Colab notebooks doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’m seeking guidance on:

  • Locating complete code: Where can I find a comprehensive and functional FaceSwap code?
  • Understanding file structure: How can I navigate multiple files to identify the correct one to run?
  • Troubleshooting Colab issues: What are common reasons why Colab code might not work, and how can I address them?

Any assistance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I think the main issue is that this kind of software can be illegal in some countries. Be careful in what you download, since others will try to put malicious software in people trying to use/download software for deepfake generation in regions where this is legal.

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