Need some restructuring of the test on week-2

In Exercise two, the code outside the dedicated answering sections expects the model to be “compiled” for the expected output to be printed and the tests to pass. This is in addition compiling the model again in the next section.

{code removed by mentor}

I am only raising this issue because in one of the tests I had changed all the print statements to display statements for the view to be more clearly formatted. But that ended up making me get a 0 on the test. So I would think I shouldn’t be changing anything outside the predefined blank sections to fill in the answer

Hello @Chyavan_MC,

Thanks for sharing your finding with us. You are absolutely right that it is important for us to keep codes outside of the answering sections unchanged, because changes may interfere with the autograder. However, the compile line you have added to the code cell of UNQ_C2 is also unexpected because it was not provided and was outside of the answering section.

I just tested again and I was able to pass all the tests and the autograder, without that additional compile line and without any changes outside of the answering sections.


PS: I still have to remove the code because we are not allowed to share solutions here.