Neuron and layer lab

I downloaded the files from Coursera for the Neuron and layer lab and tried to do it in my jupyter notebook.
But for the import command is showing the following error.
TypeError: the ‘package’ argument is required to perform a relative import for ‘./deeplearning’

Please let me know what am I doing wrong.

Hi @Madhur_Thakur

There is a way to download the entire lab and the lab dependencies by going to the top right and selecting Lab Files then download all files.

The instructions can be found in the FAQ here as well. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for all MLS Courses

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download all files of lab then run by removing ./ in ./deeplearning.mlpstyle


Thank you Manohar and SamReiswig. I did download all the files but it was just not working. so I just didn’t import deeplearning and other files. I copied the function from these files(deeplearning and other) in my jupyter notebook and It work.